What Men Want in a Woman: 7 Attributes

Men tend to be more focused on physical appearances when it comes to dating and relationships. But looks alone aren’t enough to keep a relationship going. And what men want in a woman does go beyond looks.

But what do they want? Here are 7 standout attributes when it comes to what men are looking for in a woman

What Men Want in a Woman: The Facts


Every so often, a man will forget he’s a man and revert back into child mode. That means he’ll forget something you’ve told him a hundred times already.

He’ll leave the toilet seat up even though it drives you crazy. He’ll make dinner and leave the kitchen like a bomb has hit it. Or he’ll put his foot in his mouth in front of your friends. 

He knows he will sometimes forget he’s a man, but when he does, he needs the woman he’s with to accept him for who he is. And when you do, it’ll make him want to be better for you. 

Someone who listens

What men want in a woman is someone who actively listens to them. Someone who can be fully present, and make you feel seen and heard. 

Even when he’s saying something you don’t like, or is difficult to hear. All he wants is for you to remain open to him, and not become defensive. 

When you can take in everything he’s saying, and be there for him in his moments of vulnerability, he’ll know he’s found someone truly special. 

For them to share how they feel

We talk a lot about men not opening up to women. But the same is true when it comes to women opening up to men.

A lot of women avoid speaking up and saying how they feel. This is because they’ve been taught it’s their responsibility as a woman to keep the peace, or they’re afraid of what might happen if they do speak up. 

But a man who really cares about you wants you to fully express yourself to him. He wants to know how you’re feeling, and if there’s anything he can do to help you. 

Holding things in only creates walls and barriers in a relationship. 

A strong communicator

Communication is perhaps the most important quality in any successful relationship. If one or both partners aren’t good at communicating with each other, then issues will arise. 

And men want you to communicate with them. They want you to spell things out for them, and not expect them to read your mind. And they want to be told how you want them to communicate back with you. 

Remember, as a general rule, men have a logical approach to things, while women have a more emotional approach. So if you can communicate in a logical way to him, that helps him understand what you need on an emotional level, it’s a win-win. 

Someone who has their own life

Even when you’re madly in love with someone, and want to spend every day with them, it’s important to remember that a romantic partnership is just one area of your life.

And human beings need to dedicate time and effort to all areas of their life to create a happy, balanced, and full one. 

That means it’s important to both be independent and have your own lives outside your relationship. 

Men love a woman who has her own friends, hobbies, and passions. It gives you much-needed time apart, and creates another dimension to your relationship. So don’t make the mistake of giving everything else up when an amazing man walks into your life. You can, and you should do it all. 

Someone who makes him feel like a superhero

Remember when I said men never really grow up? Well, that ties in with their cartoon watching days when they saw guys like Superman and Batman rescuing the girl. 

A man still wants to be your superhero. He wants to protect you from danger, put together your flat-pack furniture without breaking a sweat, and save the day. 

So when a woman creates space for a man to feel like he is a superhero, he will feel on top of the world. So make sure he knows how appreciated he is. How capable he is. How strong he is, inside and out. It might sound superficial, but just like we like to feel beautiful, men like to feel invincible.

Someone who’s their best friend

When it comes down to it, what men want in a woman is someone who can be their lover and their best friend

Someone who they can sit in silence with and be blissfully happy. Someone they can laugh with and be silly with. Someone who they love having sex with, and love having an intimate conversation with. And, ultimately, is the secret of a strong and thriving relationship.