How to Know You’re Falling Out of Love: 6 Clear Signs

Every relationship goes through its rough patches. While the early days of a relationship typically cast a magical glow, as a relationship progresses, it’s normal to look at your partner sometimes and think, “Ugh.” Unfortunately, there are also some pretty obvious signs you’re falling out of love. This doesn’t make for comfortable reading, but let’s take a closer look.

In relationships, annoyances build-up. You might even find yourself craving some time and space away from your loved one. If this is happening to you, you might be wondering if this is a red flag or not when it comes to your partner. After all, it’s healthy to desire alone time within a relationship. But how do you know if your partner is simply getting on your nerves or if you’re falling out of love with them? 

Granted, it’s not always easy to determine if your relationship is flatlining or in need of a little life support. This is why we came up with these six clear signs for you to decide whether you’re falling out of love. 

1. You spend less time with your partner

One of the clearest signs that you’re falling out of love with your partner is when you find yourself spending less and less time with your partner.

Yes, it’s important to cultivate a life separate from your relationship. However, if you find yourself preferring to spend time alone or with anyone other than your loved one, that is a big sign there’s an underlying issue between you and your partner that needs addressing. 

2. You don’t want to have sex with your partner

In the early days of your relationship, you couldn’t keep your hands off each other. And while relationships tend to cool down after the honeymoon period as well as endure highs and lows when it comes to the bedroom, you should still find your partner desirable and want to engage in sex with them.

If you find that you’re not sexually attracted to your partner and are avoiding sexual intimacy with them, that’s a clear sign you could be falling out of love with them. 

3. Your partner gets on your nerves… a lot

It’s normal for your partner’s quirks to grate on your nerves, especially if you’ve been in a relationship for a long period of time. However, the issue stems from how often you’re annoyed with your partner.

Do you usually let things slide and choose compassion towards your partner because you love them, or do you find yourself becoming more and more irritated by almost everything they do?

When you love someone, you actively choose to see their good side more often than not. When you’re falling out of love with someone, you become quicker to criticize them and slower to forgive them. 

4. You don’t communicate anymore 

Communication is the cornerstone of an effective and loving relationship. When you stop communicating with your partner — whether it’s over the small things like catching up on your day together or over the big things, like trying to find a resolution to an argument — you’re essentially killing off a vital part of your relationship.

When you fail to communicate with your partner and/or just don’t care to, then that’s a clear sign you’re falling out of love. 

5. You don’t see a future together anymore 

When you choose to be in a relationship with someone, it’s usually because we can see a future together. You start dreaming up the vision you want to share with one another and then you begin to build that future together.

However, when you’re falling out of love with your partner, that future together isn’t clear anymore. You might even begin to envision a future without them. If you’re beginning to plan your life without even considering your partner being present or not, then that’s a clear sign you’re falling out of love with them. 

6. You’ve checked out of the relationship

If you’re feeling apathetic towards your partner and relationship, and are no longer prioritizing them or what you’re building together, then that’s a clear sign that you’ve fallen out of love.

Relationships take investment and energy and constant communication and care. If you just don’t care to do any of the above anymore and refuse to fix any issues or problems, then it’s probably best to move on from the relationship because it’s clear that you already have, at least mentally and emotionally. 

Relationships can be tricky to navigate after all, especially when we’ve been with someone for a long time. While relationships will have ups and downs, it’s important to understand what’s a rough patch over what’s a red flag.

If you’re no longer emotionally or physically connected to your partner and find yourself craving more alone time now and in the future, then chances are, you’ve fallen out of love.