Online Dating Over 50: Why You Should Try It

Many people who start dating over 50 are doing it for different reasons to those of a younger age. For many it usually follows a divorce or even bereavement. This can mean that the decision to get back into dating is much more emotionally charged. It makes sense; experiencing loss through divorce or death can make the concept of loving again very heavy. But you mustn’t be deterred from moving on. Here’s how online dating for over 50s can help you find your feet again.

The good news is that there’s plenty of reason to be optimistic. Online dating is no longer the obscure entity it once was. In fact, it’s very much part of daily life for millions across the globe. So, online dating for over 50s is something that’s worth giving a try. There are plenty of wonderful people out there who are also new to the world of 50+ dating. And unlike when you were in your 20s and 30s, now you have a good idea of the qualities you seek in a partner. The same is true for the singles you’ll meet too!

If you’re still on the fence and reluctant to see what online dating for over 50s has to offer, here are six persuasive reasons why you should give it a go.

#1. Sites for online dating over 50 exist!

If you feel like you’ve been out of the game too long, or you’re just feeling your age, don’t fret. There are sites that cater specifically to singles over 50, sites like OurTime or SilverSingles. In fact, it turns out that these sites are often well thought out and easier to navigate than most.

Yes, it can be daunting to get back out there. Dating, particularly after an extend leave of absence, can be a challenge. But don’t let that put you off, plenty of studies have actually shown that dating gets more exciting in your later years!

#2. You have nothing to lose

Most sites are free, or at least offer a free trial for beginners. If you’re nervous about it, you can easily take down your profile and deactivate your account without losing a cent. Familiarizing yourself with dating sites can also help introduce you to how dating goes down these days. Online dating is one of the most popular methods around, and it’s much safer than you’d imagine.

#3. Don’t give up and take advice

It’s easy to try something once and give up if you don’t get an immediate response. But it’s possible you just weren’t using the sites properly. Think about all the messages that get exchanged every day. Maybe you were a bit forward, or perhaps you accidentally messaged an account that hadn’t logged in for a long time.

It’s also super important to make sure that your profile gives other singles a snapshot of who you are. There are plenty of tips to ensure your able to do just that. For example, make sure photos are up-to-date and that your bio is thoroughly spellchecked. Also, when it comes to messaging, making sure they’re personalized rather than generic will stand you in good stead.

#4. There’s no obligation to follow up

Have you ever been on a bad blind date before? Maybe your sister or brother thought they were doing you a favor by setting you up with their coworker, but it may have backfired. Still, it was a situation that was likely hard to get out of. If you said no, you’d risk making your loved one look bad.

With online dating, you’re not obliged to commit to anything. If someone isn’t attractive to you, you don’t have to message them out of courtesy. That said, do remember to be kind and immediately ignore people you’ve already struck up conversation with. A polite “no thanks” goes a long way online.

#5. Your friends have probably tried it too

A 2018 survey states that one in five internet users between the ages 55 and 64 have used a dating app. That’s only increased with time. You’re not going to be the odd one out for giving it a try. In fact, you might be surprised to find out that many of your 50+ friends have tried out online dating already!

#6. Online dating fits every schedule

Dating over 50 needs to account for the other responsibilities in your life. You may have kids, a grueling job, or a lot of responsibility in maintaining the home. Going out to bars and nightclubs to meet new people may not seem right anymore (and let’s be honest, who has the energy for that anymore).

All things considered, you probably want to spend your time as productively as possible. Online dating simplifies things. You can create a dating profile in next to no minutes, and check your messages whilst watching the television, or even while brushing your teeth. And, you can respond to matches at your leisure. It’s just the smarter choice for any busy individual.

Dating over 50 can be challenging. But it needn’t be difficult! Online dating isn’t just for young people — it’s for everyone looking for love. With a bit of research, you’ll be able to find the right platform for you. You can even ask friends for help, as they may have a preferred site that worked best for them.

Sites Recommended by Us…


The basics:

SilverSingles is one of the leading dating sites for over 50s. Its unique approach to online dating pairs an easy-to-use platform with a clever matchmaking technology. The site effectively does all the hard work for you, meaning you can focus on getting to know your matches properly.

Why choose it?

One of SilverSingles main draws are its members. Not only are its users an exciting bunch of 50+ singles, they’re also all looking to get back into the world of dating. With the emphasis fully on meeting new people and experiencing romance again, you can be confident there’s a lot of fun to be had! The site also uses the most up-to-date security measures, meaning you can date with peace of mind.

How do I start?

Want to check out what online dating over 50 is all about? Register here today and get involved!


The basics:

Whilst not explicitly for over 50 singles, EliteSingles is one of the most reputable premium dating sites in America. Catering towards a slightly younger age group, the focus is on meeting other inspiring singles who share your hopes and dreams. Serious relationships are very much central to this site’s service, something that attracts thousands of new users every month.

Why choose it?

Because EliteSingles has been built for professional people, every aspect of the site is designed to accommodate the demands of leading a busy lifestyle. Intelligent matchmaking means you don’t need to worry about trawling through hundreds of matches. You can also be explicit about certain lifestyle choices you’d like your partner to have. This tailored experience means you can be confident EliteSingles will send you 3-7 highly compatible matches every day.

How do I start?

Getting started with EliteSingles is easy. All you have to do is register here!