How to Tell if a Girl Likes You Over Text: 8 Unmissable Hints

Text messages can be confusing at best, can’t they? You can’t see the person’s face. There’s no body language or tone of voice to go on. And there’s no physical touch. There’s not much of, well, anything. Apart from words on a screen.  So how on earth are you supposed to figure out if a girl likes you or not, without actually asking them?

Well, what if I told you it’s not as complicated as it might seem? What if there were sure-fire clues you could look out for? Well, you’re in luck my friends. Here’s how to tell if a girl likes you over text.

How to Tell if a Girl Likes You Over Text: 8 Hints

She texts first

I know a lot of women who will always wait for the guy to text them first. Especially at the beginning of a potential romance or relationship. 

So if she blindly ignores unwritten rules like this one and often texts you first, it’s a great sign that she’s into you. It means she wants to talk to you, and is going out of her way to initiate conversation with you.

Remember, that doesn’t mean you should leave it to her and never text her first. Play it too cool and she’ll lose interest.  

She doesn’t leave you hanging for ages

No one likes to be left waiting for a message from someone they like. The trouble is, the way we date now has meant that too many people think it’s acceptable to reply days, weeks, or even years later. Sometimes never.

So if she replies quickly to your messages, and doesn’t usually leave you hanging, at the very least it means she enjoys talking to you. And she’s not rude or inconsiderate.

She has a lot to say

If you’re wondering how to tell if a girl likes you over text, pay attention to the length of her replies to you.

Girls are generally chattier than guys when texting. But a long, detailed reply, filled with questions means she wants to keep the conversation going. A girl who’s not interested will usually send one word or one line replies instead. 

If her texts feel abrupt, it’s probably because she’s wanting them to. And if they feel open and expansive, again, it’s because she wants them to. 

She’s engaging

What does she talk about when she texts you?

Does she spend effort writing something interesting or thoughtful or funny? Does she seek out your opinion on things? 

If she consistently sends engaging texts like this, then it’s because she wants interesting and deeper conversations with you. She wants to get to know you more, and build a connection.

How to tell if a girl likes you over text: She can’t use enough emoticons

Girls LOVE emojis. Hearts, rainbows, smileys, aubergines… we can’t get enough of them!

But if we’re not into a conversation, we won’t bother. Emoticons are reserved for friends and those with potential to be more. 

So if her text messages are filled with emoticons, it’s a good sign that she likes you. Especially if she sends hearts or kissing smileys. That’s gold right there.

You may even receive a text with emoticons and NOTHING else. Don’t panic. Even if it doesn’t make sense, this is a good thing. Trust me. 

She laughs in reply a lot

LOL, HEHE, HAAAAA, LMAO, ROFL, PML (and crying with laughter smiley faces) mean she thinks you’re funny. And girls love a guy who can make their sides hurt from laughing too much. It’s right up there on our list of must-haves in a relationship.  

At the very least, a lot of laughter means she finds you funny. But there’s a strong probability that it means more than just that. 

She compliments you

It’s easier to compliment someone you don’t know well via text than in person. And when someone starts catching feelings, compliments are a great way to subtly let the other person know you’re vibing on them. 

So if she compliments you in her texts, it’s a good sign she likes you. Especially if her compliments are non-physical. Because this means she’s been listening to what you’ve been saying, and cares enough to remember the details. 

She opens up to you

Does she tell you things that most people probably don’t know about her? 

Is she real with you in a way that most people aren’t these days?

Are you one of the first people she goes to when she’s having a crisis?

This is how to tell if a girl likes you over text. These are signs that she feels close enough to you to let her guard down and be vulnerable. This is her letting you in. And we don’t let just anyone into our hearts like that.

These are just a few of the signs to look out for when it comes to figuring out if a girl likes you via her text messages. Happy messaging!