How to Flirt With a Girl: 6 Surefire Steps

Flirting might seem silly at times, but it’s not for nothing. Flirting creates interest and intention. Without these building blocks, well my friend, you’ll never know if the girl of your dreams is the one for you after all. Because a girl isn’t going to talk to you if she doesn’t know what you have to offer, and flirting is the gateway to having that conversation. Knowing how to flirt with a girl is therefore essential!

Basically, flirting is just an easy way to test the waters and see if there’s something legit between you or not. Hey, no harm, no foul, right? So if you’ve got someone in your crosshairs of the heart, here’s a six-step process on how to flirt with a girl and get her undivided attention.

Step One: Smile and Make Eye Contact

Yes, you must do both because simply making eye contact with a woman without a smile might instantly put you in her book of “creeps.” So when you see the woman who’s caught your eye, make sure you deliberately hold her gaze for longer than three seconds but shorter than ten (otherwise it’s a bit unnerving) and smile. As for this smile, remember, you want it to be authentic and warm. Make sure it’s not forced or too eager. Just… natural.

Step Two: Approach Her

Yes, you could make “come hither” looks with your eyes for hours, but what’s really going to get things cooking between you two is you making that first direct move, which is approaching her. Enter “is this seat taken?” or some other cheesy-but-useful line. That’s fine. Do and say whatever it takes to approach her with confidence and ease. Even simply saying hello is good enough. Just break that ice.

Step Three: Compliment Her

Both women and men like a good compliment. And giving someone a genuine compliment is the easiest way to get someone’s attention while also making them feel really good, which can only work out in your favor. So pick one thing about her — maybe it’s her eyes, her outfit, her smile — and simply tell her you like it. You don’t have to lay it on thick or say something exceptionally witty or charming. Just say it sweet and simply, and mean what you say.

Step Four: Keep Things Fun

What makes flirting so fun is that it’s fun, when done correctly that is. Flirting isn’t supposed to be deep — that stuff comes later when intimacy and a connection has been established. Because flirting isn’t supposed to be super serious, it’s important not to get hung up on saying the right thing or getting into your head too much. Playfully tease her, tell some good or bad jokes, share a funny story, and simply enjoy yourself.

Step Five: Use a Light Touch

Touching her lightly is a classic flirting move, whether it’s on the lower part of her back as you ease her through a crowd or lightly brushing against her arm, and for good reason. Why? Because it creates excitement and anticipation. It’s a sure-fire way to let her know you’re attracted to her.

Step Six: Take the Lead

While flirting isn’t really a business deal, you’ll want to successfully close on this interaction, especially if she’s someone who you’d like to see again. Don’t be afraid to step up to the plate and tell her how much you enjoyed talking with her and how you’d like to see her again. Ask her for her phone number. Smile. And then close it with her knowing that you’ll be in touch soon because nothing is more intoxicating to a woman than a man who not only takes initiative but follows through with what he says. So, say something like “I’ll text you later tonight”, and then do it.

By using these simple six-step formula, you’ll become more confident with your flirting skills and might even land the girl of your dreams. Remember: practice makes perfect, and don’t get discouraged. Just keep trying and you’re bound to find your best match.