7 Obvious Flirting Signs You Can’t Miss

There’s a fine art to flirting. That means there are many ways of getting it wrong. It’s also possible that the flirting signs you’re sending out aren’t translating. You might think you’re being way too obvious with a crush, yet they still have no clue you’re into them. It may also mean that you’re missing the queue from them too. Here’s how to catch those flirty signals.

Most of us need a refresher course in flirting every once in a while. It’s worth bearing in mind that some people may just be naturally flirty. If someone’s giving off flirting signs with you, you shouldn’t perceive that they definitely want to get physical with you right away. And even if flirting goes nowhere, sometimes it can still be a lot of fun in the moment.

The Unmissable Flirting Signs

That said, here are seven obvious flirting signs that mean that it’s okay to assume someone may be interested in getting to know you better. Let the fun begin!

#1. They ask you about your schedule

Think about it. Unless you worked together, or were in the midst of doing a project together, would you care much about an acquaintance’s schedule? If someone suddenly asks you what you’re doing this weekend and seems legitimately interested, they’re likely seeing if you’re attached and willing to make time for them. This is a great opener if you’ve been looking for a way to ask them out on a date.

#2. You’ve noticed an increase in physical touch

They’re not grabbing at you, but they’re all about giving you hugs and lingering just a bit. If they’re talking to you, they might touch your arm to show they’re engaged in the conversation. This means they feel comfortable with you. 

If you’re trying to flirt with someone and they back away from your gentle physical touch, don’t take it too personally. It’s possible they just don’t feel comfortable with touch in general and likely didn’t mean any harm. Cosmopolitan advises that you test touch out and see if they flinch or seem nervous if you accidentally brush into them.

#3. They keep making eye contact

You’ve noticed that whenever you talk, they’re looking right at you. This is one of the most common flirting signs out there. They’re trying to tell you that they’re fully absorbed in what you’re saying. Eye contact is also a great way to show someone you respect them. It’s subtle yet sincere.

#4. They laugh at your jokes…

… even if they’re not that good. Humor is an important characteristic, so if someone is making sure to laugh at what you have to say, they’re telling you that they enjoy your company. And if the laughing seems more than you’d expect, they’re trying to drive the point home.

#5. They won’t stop giving you compliments

It could be your t-shirt, your eye color, or simply the song you chose on the jukebox. Someone who’s flirting with you wants you to know that you’re special, so they’ll be overly kind. If they weren’t flirting, they might not be as quick to state these feelings out loud.

#6. They like a ton of your Instagram photos

Plus, it seems like they’re one of the first to watch your Instagram Stories. It’s a digital way of telling someone that they’d like to be connected with you. Even if the photos aren’t about events they were necessarily at, they always have a fun comment or leave a bunch of hearts. 

It’s almost like they want others who look at your feed to know there’s a little bit of interest between the two of you. Any new relationship these days has some telltale social media signs prior to things being official.

#7. They avoid too much banter

A cute back-and-forth conversation can be sweet, and a great way to get to know someone. But it’s not as easy as it is in the movies. To have genuine banter, you really need to have chemistry with the person you’re with. If someone is trying to flirt with you and isn’t all that compatible, it may end up falling flat. 

Speaking to Elle Magazine, dating coach Michelle Mathinson suggests authenticity is the way forward. This way you end up conveying your personality, whilst being clear about whatever kind of relationship you want with that person.

There are plenty of telltale flirting signs to be aware of, but the most important thing you need to do is trust your gut. If you feel like someone’s flirting with you, they most likely are. And if that’s how you want it to go, remember to have fun with it. Don’t respond too sexually too fast as that can be a turn-off. Instead, schedule a coffee date together and see if there’s any romantic potential there!