Dazzling Dating Profile Examples to Inspire Yours

Creating a dating profile should take time and consideration. If you’re just posting photos of yourself and leaving out your bio, you’re less likely to be getting matches, especially if you identify on the app as male. But having a bio doesn’t mean that you’re automatically going to get an influx of new matches. Here are some of the best dating profile examples to inspire your new one.

Going for subtly funny

Who doesn’t like dating a partner that can make them laugh? Having a joke or two in your bio can make you stand out. Leave the sarcasm or cynical jokes out of it though, it’s so easy for this to get misconstrued!

Ed, 24

“Target taste on a Goodwill budget. Disneyland AP and AMC Stubs A-List. Will try anything twice.”

Shiv, 26

“Very good at carrying your bags. Very bad at remembering where I put them. Let’s find them together!”

Dana, 27

“Raised in the exotic land of Canada. Yes, I have the accent to prove it. Yes, that means I’m nice enough to take home to your parents.”

Chris, 26

“Looking for someone to steal my sweatshirts and my fries.”

Mike, 30

“Looking for someone who looks at me like my friend’s dog looks at me. Might not be possible, but I gotta have hope.”

Honesty is the best policy

It’s refreshing to see someone on a dating app that’s blatantly honest about what they want. It’s strangely very comforting to see someone flat out say that they’re looking for a relationship, no playing around and beating around the bush.

Eric, 31

“Looking for someone who would like to cuddle, watch The Office, and become good friends. And I’d love for something more to come of it if we really connect.”

Beth, 23

“2022 resolution: stop being so shy and actually go out with my Tinder matches. Looking for genuine connections and dates that can turn into more.”

Ellie, 29

“Moved to NYC to start residency. Living in midtown Manhattan. Have time for fun and exploring new things. Believe that couples should be honest and open to each other.”

Ryan, 30

“Hello to the beautiful person reading this. It’s my first time on a dating app so bear with me if I mess up the bio. I am a pulmonary physician working in Brooklyn. I’m half American, half Spanish. Here to find a meaningful connection with someone whom I share interests with. It could be friendship, it could be something more, I like going with the flow. If you like cinema, travel, music, documentaries, philosophy, politics, science, dogs, fitness, we’d get along well.”

Include a conversation starter

A lot of people turn to games like “two truths and a lie” or toss in a riddle to increase the likelihood of getting someone to message first. It’s not a bad method to kickstart a conversation. Just be sure you have other things in your bio as well to keep the conversation going. 

Roger, 31

“What you may find in my apt: vinyl, musical instruments, books, art, full bar, espresso machine, power tools. Drove to 14 states, flew to more. 7 countries visited. Owned a cafe/bar so can make you your favorite drink or meal. Riddle? Grew up poor, now wealthy, never worked. How?”

Ben, 29

“Two truths and a lie: my name is in the opening credits of a movie, my first beer was one I stole from a couple of UFC fighters, and in one night I met a judge and a senator. I’m afraid of heights so I decided to jump out of a plane. I am a nerd and I look like Tom Holland so clearly I’m Spider-Man.”

Shasti, 31

“Massachusetts born and raised. Studying finance, trying to become an analyst. Would you rather have a pet panda, fox, or a bulldog?”

Give insight into you

A joke or pick-up line alone isn’t going to start a conversation, but shared interests will. So make sure your bio tells at least a little about you. There’s something to be said for leaving a little mystery, but there should be enough there for your match to know enough about you to talk to you about mutual interests. 

Dan, 35

“Airline manager and commercial pilot. Can be your tour guide in all 50 states and 47 different countries. Just moved to TX! NY -> OH -> MO -> CA -> TX. Which means I’m in the middle of the country and can meet you anywhere. Always planning my next adventure around the world! Want to join? Coming to a city near you.”

Dylan, 26

“Jersey boy living the Hawai’i life for a while (yeah I have the accent)! One time I got into an uber and it had a karaoke machine in it, and if that isn’t destiny telling me to become a singer I don’t know what is. I’ve finished the first lesson for 5 different languages on Duolingo. Big into reading, check out my Goodreads account! Other big interests: craft beer, Broadway musicals, Jack in the Box Munchie Meals, and Hawaiian history. I’ve been to 8 countries and 27 states, hoping to add many more!”

Troy, 25

“I’m an open book. I love the beach, I like to hike, I like to golf, but I’m not very good (yet). I like to play pool and throw darts. I’m a nerd for Marvel and Star Wars. I love hockey (NYR), baseball (NYY), I can’t say I love football anymore since the Giants have been terrible.”

Andrew, 28

“Well, to most friends I would probably be described as a tall loving goof ball that knows how to make people smile and laugh. Very happy-go-lucky most of the time. But of course, straightforward and blunt when I need to be. Extremely artistic and love it, huge on movies and comics. BIG nerd here. Fairly optimistic individual since this world is so negative. So if my profile floats your boat, you think I’m cute, and wanna know more, send me a hey!”

Ultimately, choosing what you include in your bio is up to you. As these dating profile examples show, there are a number of ways to craft something great. However you choose to spin it, make sure it’s authentic and gives any potential partner a quick insight into who you are. Good luck and have fun!