7 Cute Ways to Ask Someone Out

So, you’ve been crushing on someone for a while, or you’re in the friend zone. But you’re ready to take things to the next level. You’re ready to ask them out.  And if you’re looking for cute ways to ask someone out, we are here to help. 

After all, it’s not everyday you ask someone on a first date. And if all goes well, this might be the last time you go on a date!

We’ve put together our favorite cute ways to ask someone out in this article. There’s bound to be one that fits the two of you, and that’ll help make this moment a special one to remember. 

Cute Ways to Ask Someone out: 7 Tips

Do it face to face

Okay, so this one isn’t as out-of-the-box as you expected. But hear me out. In a world where everything is done via text, social media and email, doing something in person can be pretty special. 

I met my partner online, and the first time we messaged he asked if it was okay if he called me instead to chat. He did, and it was lovely. No guy had ever done that before, which made him stand out and made me like him more. 

So if you’re not into anything over the top, simply telling someone in person that you like them and want to take them on a date says a lot.

It might not be the most creative approach, but you’ll definitely set yourself apart from all the other people who haven’t bothered to do it face to face. 

Bake them a cake

Who doesn’t love cake? If you know your way around the kitchen and reckon you can whip up something that won’t give them food poisoning, go for it. If not, then buy a cake and decorate it instead. This still shows a lot of effort, and will make sure it’s edible!

You could even ice the words “will you go out with me?” on the top… just make sure it’s a cheesecake!

Get her flowers

Most girls I know like flowers. Even if they don’t like flowers, they still appreciate the gesture of them. I’m not sure about guys, so this one is definitely for guys who are planning to ask a girl out. 

Just make sure she’s not allergic to them. Better still, try and find out what her favorites are and buy her a beautiful bunch of those. This will show you’ve listened to her and will make her feel special. 

Light some candles

Candles are great for creating a romantic mood. 

Invite them over to hang out and surprise them with an entire room or garden filled with candles. Just be careful not to start a fire (maybe not metaphorically speaking…)!

Write a poem

If you’re not a natural writer, and this one feels really difficult, then either pick something else to do, or borrow some thoughtful words from the pros. 

There’s no harm in selecting a perfect poem or quote that says what you want to say. Just as long as you don’t pretend that you did write it!

And if you’re up to the challenge of writing, allow your heart to open and tell this person how you really feel about them. 

Do something that shows you listen

This does require you to have known the person a little before asking them out. But you can learn a lot even just from meeting someone once. 

Do they love comic books, the color pink, or Mexican food? Do they love old school romance or have a favorite place that not many people know about?

Use what you know and incorporate it into how you ask them out. This will show them how much effort you’ve gone to!

Do it with pizza

What’s better than opening a box with an engagement ring in it?

Opening a box filled with delicious, cheesy pizza of course!

Unless either of you don’t like pizza. But who doesn’t like pizza, right?!

Order her favorite one, or get creative and make your own. Spell out something cute on the top with the toppings. 

There you have it. That was our top 7 cute ways to ask someone out. I hope that’s given you all the inspiration you need to get creative, and ask out that special someone.

Remember, always stay true to who you are, and have fun with it. You can’t do anything more than that!