New Beginnings: Make 2022 Your Year for Love!

Many folks dread the idea of another holiday on the singles circuit. The good news is if you are truly dedicated to finding your forever relationship, there are some things you can do this holiday season to improve your chances in the New Year. I like to think of true love as a moving target that’s nearly impossible to hit if you don’t have the right resolve and honed targeting skills. 

As a relationship coach, I’ve seen many singles with good intentions when it comes to their New Year’s resolution. Some singles are more successful than most in finding their match. I’ve put together a few of my favorite holiday cupids’ arrows to try to help arm you for success during this holiday season to find love in the New Year.

Avoid the Exes

For many singles out there, roasting those chestnuts alone can seem like a pretty daunting proposition. So why not just pick up that phone and dial an ex to cozy up with for a night or two? Believe it or not, there is actually a modern dating term for this. It’s called “Marleying” and is named after Jacob Marley, the ghost who comes back to visit Scrooge in A Christmas Carol

One study I read found that the most common day for this was actually Christmas Eve. If you are tempted to contact one of your exes because you’re feeling especially nostalgic, you’re not alone. Still, this seemingly innocent move should not be acted mainly because it could cost you valuable dating opportunities. It could also draw you back into a relationship with someone whom you’ve already deemed not right for you.

Don’t Get Cuffed

Many singles find themselves in the cold fall and winter months wanting a relationship so bad that they settle for any person that will get them into a relationship. This time of year is now called “cuffing season”. Basically, the cold weather and holiday cheer cause some singles to become so lonely they “cuff” themselves to someone. Like contacting an old fling or an ex, this “someone is better than no-one” approach is completely counterproductive to your dating life.

It’s Peak Season for Online Dating

Believe it or not this is actually a wonderful time for you to be dating digitally. The weather and the season itself encourages tons of singles to go online. Sure, it might be harder to find time to go on that date, but that does not mean you cannot start a meaningful conversation with someone nice. Who knows where it may lead? 

Dating is a numbers game and the goal is to find someone worth a closer look. You may also spend some time surfing profiles in the pre-holiday months then reach out to a select few as the holidays unfold and find a date! A little factoid, the busiest online dating day/time of the year is the evening time on the first Sunday after New Year’s.

Hit Up the Holiday Parties

Holiday parties may seem like a drag to some of you, but they are a great way to meet fellow singles. If not directly, by letting family and friends know that you are open and looking for someone special. Every event, holiday or otherwise, is an opportunity for love, so don’t let those opportunities slip away. When you do go out, try wearing red instead of that little black dress. Not only will it make you stand out in a fun holiday color, it’s also a proven color of attraction. 

Give to Get Back

For those of you who keep wondering why cupid’s arrow hasn’t struck you yet, it may be time to look a little deeper into your mind, body, and soul. I’ve always felt that far too many singles look at relationships in terms of how it makes them feel instead of how it makes the other person feel. 

If you’re one of those people who generally don’t donate their time to others, this is a wonderful time of year to work on that selfless part of you. Take some time out to volunteer for a good cause in your area. This will not only give you an opportunity to meet other giving souls whom you may find a connection with but also put you on a karmic to receive what you are looking for too… true love.

So, what are you waiting for! Follow my tips and get set to make 2022 a year filled with romance and love. The right person is out there, it’s time to go get ‘em!