Matrimony matters; single Christian men looking for marriage

Are you one of the many young, single Christian men looking to meet marriage-minded singles? If so, the world of online dating may have grabbed your attention. Here we discuss how Christian dating sites have flourished of late, and why they might be the best place for you to look if you’re thinking about marriage. We also take a look at a few tips to help you in your search for love on the web!

Dating for young single Christian men

With the advent of faith-based dating sites, it’s become much easier for young Christians to connect with likeminded singles outside of their local communities. Understandably, this has done a lot to broaden the horizons and dating opportunities of Christians who may traditionally have sought love within their church’s congregation. And this is something that a great deal of single Christian men and women have embraced wholeheartedly.

That said there’s an important point of departure when comparing Christian dating sites with their more secular counterparts. And this revolves around commitment levels. Yes, there are plenty of premium dating sites that offer the opportunity of long-term relationships. However, there are also reams that cater to a more quick fix market where swiping the name of the game. With Christian dating sites, the focus is tends to lie on longevity, not brevity.

Part of the goal for Christian dating sites, like Christian Mingle, is to help their user find a partner who they feel they could marry. Indeed, marriage is a central component of the Christian faith. Not only does it celebrate the commitment and belief shared between two people, it also reflects a covenant that is blessed by the Lord. Avowing to cement your relationship in marriage is the ultimate statement of love for one and other a couple can make.

But with so many young, single Christian men going online to find other marriage-minded partner singles, how can you be sure that these sites are truly efficacious when it comes to accurate matchmaking?

Why Christian dating sites work

Having already subscribed to a Christian dating site you’ve already ticked off one major qualifier; that your partner practices the same religion as you. However, with that condition met, how do you ensure that your personal preferences are accounted for? The good news is that for its very easy for marriage-minded Christians to enter their specific requirements when using online dating sites.

Most high-quality, modern dating sites allow you to go into detail when outlining your perfect partner. And this is no different for ones of a Christian ilk, like Christian Mingle for example. Here you’re able to specify whether your partner has the same aspirations as you when it comes to having children. You’re also able to search for other non-smokers, as well as set a specific radius on how far you’re willing to travel to meet a partner.

On top of these parameters, detailed dating profiles mean that you’re able to see whether a prospective partner has similar interests to you. Maybe you’re looking for someone who shares the same voracious appetite for classical literature? Perhaps your partner-to-be needs to enjoy going gigging together? Or could it be that they need to be into rock climbing too? Whatever your passions, Christian dating sites often exceed the norm when it comes to highlighting their users likes, meaning you can find someone you’re really compatible with – something crucial when marriage is on the cards!

As well as in-depth profiles, more premium online dating sites employ specific techniques to make sure you meet people you’ll actually click with. One marker of a good website is whether they invite you to take a personality test when you register with the site. This then enables the site to get a robust understanding of your character, and match you with likeminded singles accordingly. Sites that offer this service will likely use intelligent algorithms to ensure matchmaking is even more accurate. Many sites also have their own dating apps, meaning it’s much easier to keep up to speed whilst on the go.

Tips for young, single Christian men looking for marriage

Having had a look at the basics, here’s a trio of handy tips to bear in mind if you’re one of the many Christian men turning to online dating to search fellow marriage minded singles. Online dating can be an exciting place if you’re new to it. But because it might be a bit different to what you’re used to, it’s worth paying attention to these pointers as you get started.

Be honest: Being as truthful as possible is synonymous with being Christian. It’s also a central part of online dating too. If you’re honest about your preferences and search parameters, you’ll avoid disappointment further down the line. Make sure that you’re frank about your personals too so you don’t end up misleading prospective partners.

“The truth will set you free” – Ephesians 4:12

Be tenacious: One important message for all young Christian men who’re looking for someone to wed is that online dating requires a certain degree of dedication. Yes, some people are very fortunate and find the partner of their dreams in next to no time. That said, for the majority it takes some time to finally discover the one. Thus it pays to have patience.

“Seek and you shall find” – Mathew 7:7

Be brave: The last little tip is something that ties both honesty and tenacity together. Searching for someone who you hope will become your spouse can be a scary prospect, especially when you’re new to online dating. However, using a site like Christian Mingle takes the onus off the minutiae, meaning you can focus on being courageous in your search for love!

“There is no fear in love” – 1 John 4:18

The last thing is to wish you the best of luck! Choosing a faith-based dating site like Christian Mingle will put you into direct contact with likeminded Christian singles, and hopefully help you forge something truly meaningful.

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