#LoveAgain with EliteSingles

Starting life roughly 3 years ago, EliteSingles was an offshoot of eDarling. EliteSingles aims to differentiate itself by focusing on a very specific market of people who have been missed by its competitors: more mature, professional singles who are perhaps looking for love the second time around in their lives.

They quickly became successful as they were one of the first companies in the world to fill this gap in the online dating landscape. They provide a platform to help singles find a serious, long term relationship with like-minded, successful, and educated people.

After investigating their acquisition strategy and features, we came to the conclusion of our EliteSingles review: that their product is highly premium. Why do we say that? Well, first off, the cost of acquiring their users does not come cheaply, so it’s safe for us to assume that they have some costly overheads for search traffic.

Testing the service

In the course of our EliteSingles review, we also signed up for their service to compare features that were not present in other dating services. Personally, I had to create 2 fake profiles before having my third – also, my most honest – profile approved. What does this tell me? For starters, it’s obvious that they spend a lot of time and money on staff who will go to great lengths to make sure the people using their service are real and genuine. This must also mean they have a lot of “waste”, which I define as a customer who does not the intent to actually commit to searching for a partner and is merely window shopping. With this in mind, people on the site are very much indeed real, in the same boat as you, and are serious about finding happiness and love again in their lives.

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The product itself has evidently had a considerable amount of money invested into its development. While a lot of sites we review seem to be stuck in the early 2000’s EliteSingles is up in the ranks with modern dating services, such as Tinder, in terms of product innovation. From desktop to mobile app, they are driving the market forward by providing customers with features that make the search for love all that more accurate and easy.

Elite Singles review: Are there any downsides?

As with everything, there’s always a downside. While not serious, it is worth mentioning the exhaustive questionnaire designed to find you the best possible match based on current leading theories in relationship science and psychology. Sounds great doesn’t it? That is until you have to answer the 15th page of questions. It really does feel like you are being profiled, and to a certain extent, I guess you are. This is the product’s greatest strength and biggest weakness. In a world of instant gratification, not many people these days have the time, interest or commitment to fill out such a questionnaire.

In its defense I can say this, if you do manage to get through it like I did, you will be richly rewarded with matches you really do “click” with.

The other downside is the cost of membership. I am not a doctor, or a lawyer, or a rich and successful business man. I am but a humble journalist, and as such, if it were not for my free membership (full disclosure, it’s one of the perks of my job!) I would probably not have signed up for anything longer than a 3 month membership. It is affordable, but it’s the same realm of affordable as treating yourself to a massage every week.

So, for the lazy out there who have but skim read the above paragraphs, allow me to conclude the EliteSingles review for you – though the cost of membership may mean you only stick around for a few months, by that time it seems as though you’ll have found plenty of personality-matched dates anyway! Jolly good stuff.

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