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SilverSingles is (as you may have guessed from the name if you are, like us, outstandingly perceptive) a dating site catering to singles over 50 who are looking for lasting love. The site has been live since the halcyon internet days of yore; the year 2002, back when everybody in the house had to hang up the phone in order to load AskJeeves to end the family row over how tall Tom Cruise actually is. It’s a testament to the site’s quality that, unlike so many dating sites of that era, it still draws the crowds today – over a quarter of a million, in fact. So what makes it so special?

SilverSingles: aging like fine wine?

To begin our SilverSingles review, we took a look at the site’s general premise, to see if there were any features that set it apart from the other mature dating sites out there. At a glance, SilverSingles functions in a classic dating site format – members can create profiles, browse like-minded singles, and message one another. The process is simple, reasonably quick, and easy to navigate. When creating a profile, members list traditional details such as age, height, eye and hair colour, body type and so on – although of course the use of photos pretty much negates this information.

In addition however, a nice twist is put on the familiar formula by new members being required to fill out a personality questionnaire, similar to the one used by EliteSingles. Upon sign up, new members will answer a series of questions regarding their hobbies, interests and personality. This isn’t just for fun – a new member’s answers will then be measured against other singles, and ranked in terms of compatibility based on mutual interests, views, and so on. Potential matches are sent to members, and from then on it’s down to the individual to decide whether or not they want to send that all-important first message.

What’s it like being a member?

Next up in our SilverSingles review we took a look at the site’s interface. Newly launched once more in 2017, the site has shed its previous, somewhat dated skin and been re-launched with an attractive, slick look that is at once easy to navigate and visually appealing. The deliberate simplicity will certainly appeal to older users, who may have less experience navigating flashy websites. It’d be a shame to see a good website lose its audience due to something as simple as menu design.

It seems the folks behind SilverSingles have been working hard to build a membership that is active, mature, and looking for lasting love. To be honest, this probably comes with the territory – aiming for an older demographic, it makes sense to create a product that caters to more romantic, genuine intentions. Typically, members are well educated professionals, and though the membership numbers aren’t quite as gargantuan as other dating sites, it seems that the members that have signed up are all seeking the same thing – if you think fit the profile, this could be the ticket for you.

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