Comparing the Best Christian Dating Sites

If you’re a Christian and you’re looking for love, Christian dating sites are the way forward. In the modern world, the notion that love is something we must wait for and be surprised by when the time is right is becoming increasingly antiquated. Singles today are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that to leave love to chance is akin to sitting on your hands and waiting for your dream job to fall into your lap. There’s no doubt about it – if you want to find that special someone, online dating is the way to go. But which Christian dating site should you opt for?

There are myriad Christian dating websites out there, catering to every kind of Christian single imaginable. The internet is a big place, and it can feel overwhelming when trawling through endless sites that claim to have all the answers. Because your time is valuable, we’ve decided to help you out but cherry picking some of the more well known Christian dating sites and highlighting some of their perks and pitfalls for you. Hopefully, with the help of our reviews, you’ll be finding the Christian partner of your dreams in no time at all.

Christian Mingle

Our first port of call on our voyage through the Christian dating scene is Christian Mingle, which will be no stranger to the vast majority of singles in the US. ChristianMingle is the largest faith-based dating site around, with a massive 2.5 million users logging on every month. On its homepage, the site offers singles “a loving, God-centered relationship built on mutual faith and love”. The question is – how well do they deliver on this promise?

From the off, ChristianMingle impresses with an attractive looking sign up page and a simple, friendly interface – there’s nothing difficult to navigate here, which will surely maximize the site’s attraction to a wide range of age groups. ChristianMingle’s membership is comprised of a diverse group of singles seeking meaningful relationships, and membership plans are available for 1, 3 and 6 months, sitting very reasonably on the dating site price scale.

In terms of the profiles, members answer basic questions upon sign up and are able to import photo from Facebook. At this stage users are also able to list their Christian denomination and other keys factors about their faith. Users also complete a ‘Color Code Personality Test’, which aims to match you with other, like minded singles. All of these criteria are searchable, allowing you to seek out that perfect person with impressive accuracy. The site also sends you daily matches based on your personality.

The ChristianMingle site has recently been redesigned, and this has breathed new life into the brand. Some features have been discontinued with the overhaul, such as open chat rooms and a prayer wall – but these didn’t contribute to the overall experience anyway, and so are not missed. Overall, Christian Mingle is a fresh-faced and enormously popular Christian dating site that is a favorite of Christian singles the world over – and it’s not hard to see why.

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LDS Singles

Describing itself as “the largest dating site by Mormons for Mormons”, LDS Singles aims to provide Mormon singles with long lasting, serious relationships. Running since 1996, LDS Singles is the longest-lived dating site for this particular niche. It has over 500,000 registered profiles, and has successfully matched thousands of Latter-day Saints couples.

One of LDS Singles main appealing points is its longevity, which naturally suggests a quality product and a successful approach to online dating. The membership, while still sizeable, may seem lacking compared to other sites such as Christian Mingle, but this is to be expected with a more niche denomination of the Christian faith. That said, the membership is comprised of mature, like-minded singles, which should in theory mean less time spent browsing endless profiles in search of ‘the one’, and more time chatting to a future special someone.

Visually, the site could certainly use an overhaul, as its age is starting to show a little – every website developer knows the struggle of trying to keep up to speed on all the latest digital trends. However, despite the somewhat clunky look of the site, it is easy to navigate and mobile friendly, which goes some way to making up for the lack of an app and the aging design. In fact, the mobile version of LDS Singles is more responsive and intuitive than the desktop version.

In terms of features, LDS Singles operates in a similar fashion to Christian Mingle. Members take personality tests to enable more accurate matching, and gain a compatibility score with other members, streamlining the process of deciding who or who not to message. From your profile, it is easy to keep tabs on your current conversations, ‘favourite’ certain profiles, and search for specific criteria. The site operates smoothly and matches are frequent. In a word: if you’re looking to date other, like-minded Mormons, LDS Singles is an excellent choice.

Adventist Singles

The USA’s leading Adventist Singles dating site, Adventist Singles has been helping religious singles to find love since 2004. The dating site’s view on matchmaking is obvious; it adorns its home page with the admirable quote, “We believe it is important to have a place where Seventh-day Adventist singles can find love just being themselves.” The Adventist Singles ethos seems to revolve around using highly detailed profiles to allow members to connect, meet, and forge loving relationships.

As the most popular Adventist Singles dating site, you’d naturally expect great performance and savvy navigation from the site – and you’d be glad to know that all features of the site run smoothly and are easy to navigate. Adventist Singles boasts similar features to LDS Singles and LDS Singles – that is, once members have created their profiles, they are able browse profiles and chat, either in chatrooms or via instant messaging.

Compared other faith-based dating sites, Adventist Singles is delightfully modern and slick, while managing to retain that all-important accessibility. The search function allows you to browse other singles according to specific criteria, or you can simple peruse a steady stream of profiles. There are not so many Adventist Singles dating sites around, and so its a great comfort to know that anyone looking to date within this denomination has a fun, well designed dating site with a strong membership right at their fingertips.

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