JSwipe: Can it live up to the hype?

You may already have heard of JSwipe. Featured on sites such as Time, Buzzfeed, Rolling Stone and VICE, it’s been kind of hard to miss the dating site heralded as ‘Jewish Tinder’. The app is ranked first out of all Jewish dating apps in over 70 countries, according to JSwipe’s website. In order to find out what all the fuss is about, we decided to dive into the app, for an official JSwipe Review.

The (pretty cool) premise

For the first part of our JSwipe review, we decided to check out the app’s basic functions. As described on the app store, the functionality is initially fairly similar to other modern, trendy dating apps – you swipe left or right on singles depending on whether or not you find them attractive. Meanwhile, other singles will be busy merrily swiping away on your own profile. When you and another single both swipe right on one another, signalling mutual attraction – boom, you match.

Where JSwipe sets itself apart, however, is that after matching with another Jewish single, an 18 day countdown commences, after which you will be unmatched. This is a minor stroke of genius, as it effectively (or in theory at least) give the boot to the typical problem of singles matching, only to languish in agonised silence after the initial giddy rush of being paired up. With a time limit, you’re much more likely to power up and reach out.


A unique take on Jewish dating

JSwipe is far from the first Jewish dating app, though it is one of the biggest out there. What sets it apart? For the next part of our JSwipe review, we took a peep under the virtual hood in order to find out what the app actually lets you do. When searching for Jewish singles in the vicinity, you’re able to filter based on age, location and so on – standard fare for a dating app. However, in our JSwipe review we created a profile and discovered that you are also able to search based on criteria such as ‘Orthodox’, ‘Conservative’, and ‘Reform’.

Interestingly, the site shies away from delving too deeply into religious beliefs, opting instead for other options including ‘Just Jewish’, ‘Willing to Convert’ and ‘Other’, which keeps the site open for Jews not focussed on religion, but also non-Jewish singles. This may seem odd for a Jewish dating app, but it seems that non-Jewish singles do frequent the app. The site’s founder, David Yarus, has stated that this is a testament to the quality of the app, and that JSwipe is for every single who “celebrates Jewish culture and is interested in having that be a part of their lives now or in the future.” Lovely stuff.

The membership

The next stage of the forensic combing that is our JSwipe review revealed to us that perhaps the comparisons to Tinder are not entirely fair. Whereas sites like OKCupid and Tinder tend to lend themselves to more casual hook-ups and brief flings, JSwipe seems to be aiming for more meaningful connections.


The app itself is free to download with in-app purchases, such as 5 daily ‘Super Swipes’ that help users stand out from the other 600,000+ singles logging on. The interface is extremely slick and cheery, with nice quirky touches such as the ‘Mazel Tov’ displayed upon finding a match. All in all, JSwipe is a chirpy, upbeat app with a great potential for meeting like-minded Jewish singles.

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