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The massive variety of online dating sites can be an intimidating place to start your search for love. Our dating experts have reviewed the best American dating sites for serious relationships based on their features, security and functionality.

It comes as no surprise that the online dating scene has become highly saturated in the past few years. With what seems to be a slow transition into a Tinder-swiping world, it hardly seems possible to find a serious relationship on any dating platform. The process of signing up for the perfect site is no longer an easy one, but rather one that leaves you disoriented and unsure of where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work. After comparing several of the most notorious serious dating sites, we finally found the perfect one.

Lo and behold, our top choice for serious online dating sites: EliteSingles. Meet the dating site that is dedicated to connecting truly like-minded partners. With a member pool largely consisting of members 40+, users are well-educated and typically successful in their professional life.

Now, we’d love to say that this means the cheesy-pickup line days are over (although, who doesn’t love a cheesy one liner), but we can guarantee that you won’t be bothered with any members looking for casual hookups. Instead, members on the site are dedicated to learning more about you and finding a real connection. Modern and user-friendly, the interface transforms the online dating process into a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Say goodbye to dating site frustration and hello to dating site paradise!

Not only is the interface incredibly user-friendly, but each match is tailored to your preferences to save you time from flipping past dull profiles that don’t match your criteria. Yes, this has been the online dating site you’ve been looking for.
Perfect for serious relationships and with an age average of 40+, this is your new go-to for all things love. Try it out for yourself now: Visit EliteSingles.

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