Why online dating is for everyone

The year is 2018, the future is here, and if you haven’t tried online dating for whatever reason, now is the time to give it a whirl. Whatever your hang-ups may be – whether it’s fear of safety and security, confidentiality, reluctance to seek alternative resources to help with your love life, or just the general perception of negative stigma surrounding online dating – we are here to reassure you that you have nothing to worry about and to answer that burning question: does online dating work? Online dating is a great way for you to expand out of your circle and connect with locals around (or far) from you.

Is online dating safe?

Let’s tackle the safety issue first, as this is one of the biggest and main obstacles blocking people from starting their online dating experience. A quick Google search of online dating scare stories will bring endless waves of scam articles or stalker-type incidents so don’t worry; we completely understand where your concern is coming from.

It’s perfectly normal to wonder ‘is online dating safe’ when crafting your profile. However, first thing to realize is that with a few basic and simple precautions, you can avoid these dangers 99% of the time. Many sites, like EliteSingles, offer an array of security features, including ID verification services. This means you can be sure the person you are speaking to is indeed who they say they are. Although all of these services are designed to keep you safe online, there are a few tips and pointers to keep in mind when moving your online relationship offline.

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When setting up your first few dates, always settle on meeting somewhere in public and be sure to inform friends or family members with who you’re meeting up with, where and when you’ll be back, and which site you met them on. This is a simple and quick way to reassure your safety with both your close friends and/or family, and yourself. If you’re going for drinks for the first date, which is quite common to calm the nerves, we strongly suggest to take an easy and stay disciplined on the amount you consumer. It’s easy to overdrink to calm the butterflies, but getting too tipsy gives off the wrong impression and puts you at a disadvantage where you are not at your mental best for making sound decisions.


Does online dating work?

Basically, yes. Very well, actually. Bluntly, it wouldn’t be a multibillion dollar industry if it didn’t.

On average, each of us has a personal sphere of about 150 people that we know. Of those people, half will be married or taken and half that number again will be too old or young for us. So this leaves you with a pool of about 30 people who are suitable for dating. If we whittle this number down further, and exclude those who do not match our personal preferences, you begin to see how quickly we can exhaust the natural pool of potential partners.

The success of online dating mainly comes from transforming this small number of potential suitors into a much greater and varied source of people.

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But does online dating work for everyone, or just a lucky few? Well, by broadening our horizons, we are also increasing the number of people we can choose from. With greater choice comes a greater chance for finding the perfect match. With the advances in modern day dating technology, such as EliteSingles’ psychological personality tests, the majority of the hard work is already done for us. By filling out a 20 page questionnaire, the site algorithm – designed by professional relationship psychologists – matches you with people who you are statistically most likely to have a successful long term relationship with. How much better is that than the newspaper classifieds of the 90’s!

Is online dating something to be ashamed of?

I have a pet theory of why online dating had so much social stigma attached to it. It started off as a place where only the most technologically proficient people were able to access. These people were mostly computer science graduates, and this demographic, through no fault of their own, were mostly male, socially awkward and had interests which included board games, collecting children’s cartoon characters, lived at home with their mothers and had poor personal hygiene practices. I am wildly exaggerating and stereotyping, mostly to make my point, but I want to let you know that things have changed significantly.

So, what are you waiting for?

Although online dating may have had a negative image in the past, the stigma has changed entirely in the recent year. In fact, the Pew research center conducted a study in 2015 that reported that 15% of American adults have tried online dating. Out of these, 80% that tried it, loved it! This comes as no surprise since the continued growth and popularity of dating platforms has only grown exponentially in the past few years.

So, what do you say – does online dating work? All the evidence points to huge successes for those who’ve taken the hunt for love online. Will it work for you? Take the leap and find out!

We sure hope so. In case you’re still feeling a bit lost on where to start, check out our list of best online dating sites. We know you’ll find one that’s perfect for you.

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